Who Has the Time to be Nice?

Busy2Solving the skills gap in construction has been a topic of heated discussion for over a decade. And, although the recession inevitably shook the foundations for the sector, nothing has really changed in all that time.

Change of any kind takes consistent focus on the end goal, strategic steps, regular measurement against progress. And flexibility to adapt the plan as and when the situation demands.

And this lack of step change progress in tackling the skills gap might be due to CSR. Or rather, our perceptions of CSR. We have some belief that doing nice things will solve the problem, so companies have been signing over cheques and thinking that the solution will appear on the horizon at any moment. No measurement, no metrics, no review of strategy.

CSR is a socially responsible component of broader sales and marketing. It makes us look at our responsibilities as businesses and employers. Good, worthwhile considerations. But when the deadlines are piling up, our clients are making demands, and projects need managing, who can honestly say that social responsibilities are top of their To Do list?

If we looked at ‘strategic CSR’ as commercial business development opportunities instead of charity or an exercise in nice, we’d suddenly be taking this a lot more seriously. And getting better, faster results.

Want to know more?

A new 10-year programme, the Built Environment Skills in Schools (BESS),gives businesses and employers a platform to promote their projects, their happy clients, their innovations and their culture to potential clients, prospective employees and commercial partners. BESS even offers a 100% guarantee of return on investment in new business opportunities.

BESS has launched to reconnect students, educators and employers highlighting all the existing initiatives and programmes that exist in the sector, but putting the control back into the hands of students. Backed by the largest professional membership organisations in the industry, the programme will provide a consistent, 24/7 message for the sector.