Construction Careers Week Activities

Construction Careers Week comprises of a number of activities that are either hosted by employers from the sector, or at schools with representatives from built environment firms coming to co-host activities.

Download a School Registration Form to register your interest in taking part in CCW 2017. You can also see the complete list of activities here

Business Walk

Opportunity to visit three or four construction businesses, with a walking tour through the business district. Throughout the visit students will gain a basic understanding of what the firms do, the different job roles that are available and the qualifications required and a sense of the overall environment and atmosphere of the business district. The aim is to demonstrate to the students at the range of roles in a construction firm and the way that organisations are interdependent in order to deliver successful projects. Lunch is included at one of our hosts

Networking and CPD

During Construction Careers Week, construction employers will be encouraged to host their networking and CPD events at schools, providing opportunities for students and teachers to network with guests and speakers. Construction employers will provide refreshments/pay for catering

Employer talk: “What I do at work”

Much like a business walk, but without the walk! In essence these are chances to visit a business – and you can pick the type e.g. contracting, architecture, demolition, interiors – about what they do, the variety of roles that exist and how to go about getting a job within such a firm

The applicant experience: how to get the best possible chance of that dream job

A large number of firms in our sector run core skills activities training and they’ve offered to make these available within the week. Topics include: CV writing skills, financial literacy, interview tips, networking skills. These tend to be interactive and engage pupils in learning fundamental skills for their future

Site Visit Bus Tour

Subsidised bus tour around a number of current building sites, and existing built environment facilities (public buildings or marketing suites). Construction employers will nominate their sites to be part of the tour, and they will host tour groups at their own sites

Young Peoples’ Outreach Awards

As part of a year-long calendar of construction careers activity, this event will launch the Outreach awards recognising the most effective and innovative employer engagement activity. Young people will announce the categories and requirements, with the final awards ceremony taking place in May 2018

Speed Networking Event – 11th October

Due to the tie-in between Construction Careers Week and UK Construction Week at the NEC, this may take place in an NEC hall. Opportunity to discuss multiple disciplines and career pathways with representatives from all parts of the construction sector


Hacking is creative problem solving (it does not have to be about technology). A hackathon is any event of any duration where people come together to creatively solve problems.

Construction Careers Week hackathons will focus on social, environmental and regional built environment issues