Tamma Carel

2.30-3.30pm – Emergencies session


At the age of seven, my first ‘career ambition’ was to be a mermaid! All I knew was that I wanted to spend my life in, on or under a pristine ocean and I would be forever happy!

I was first able to explore a slightly more realistic career option with the sea during my Year 10 work experience at the Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary – after which I returned voluntarily throughout my GCSE and A-Level summer vacations. It was here that I became aware of issues regarding conservation and the protection of the environment and from that point many of my academic decisions were geared to working within the environmental sector.

I completed my BSc (Joint Honours) in Biology and Psychology at Newcastle University, and then returned after one year in industry to complete my MSc in Environmental Consultancy.

Whilst at University, I used my summer vacations to gain work experience in South Africa. First at the Umgeni River Bird Park where I worked with a variety of birds (including critically endangered Wattle Cranes, Vultures, Macaw Parrots and several species of Hornbills), researching their behaviour in the wild and utilising that knowledge to train natural behaviours for an educational show to raise money for the bird park. Furthermore, I undertook a 2-month internship at the Natal Sharks Board, where I was responsible for analysing shark attacks within South Africa over a 12-year period. I also helped with shark dissections and educational presentations which were offered to school groups and members of the public to raise awareness of issues relating to shark conservation.

My interest in conservation and environmental issues was strengthened during my undergraduate study, and I found that I thoroughly enjoyed particular modules such as ‘Biodiversity and Conservation’, ‘Ecological Modelling’, and ‘Social Impact of Biotechnology’.

I was eager to continue to explore these subjects in a postgraduate context, as well other subjects such as ‘Environmental Law and Policy’, ‘Environmental Business’ and ‘Environmental Management’. I thoroughly enjoyed the broad foundation that my undergraduate degree provided, but I loved being able to delve deeper into subjects that I could directly translate into future career prospects.

I also received my Practitioner Qualification with the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) once I started working as an Environmental Consultant. PIEMA is the professional benchmark for environmental and sustainability professionals who are driving change. This has enabled me to demonstrate my professionalism and competency within the environmental industry and ensures that I remain equipped, connected, fully up-to-date and in touch with learning opportunities.

Whatever I do, I do with passion and over the last five years that focus has been on building my own business. Imvelo Ltd was established as a result of an unrelenting drive to deliver sustainability for organisations, providing expert environmental consultancy and training to UK businesses to help meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Imvelo Ltd is an experienced Environmental Consultancy and Training provider, offering tailored services to meet the growing demands of sustainable business practices across a range of industries. We provide dedicated business support with a bespoke approach & accredited environmental training, that enables businesses to integrate sustainability strategies aligned with commercial requirements.

My passion is to support industry to meet the growing demands of stakeholder expectations and drive sustainability for the future. I do this by working with businesses in all sectors to ensure legal compliance, reduce business risk, prevent pollution and increase resource efficiency.

I have also been known to foster baby hedgehogs (running a release sanctuary from my garden), fire walk, bungee jump, sing and dance to raise money for causes that are close to my heart!

I also volunteer via the STEM Ambassador National Programme and am an active campaigner for Women in STEM.

With most of my clients being from the Process, Manufacturing, Construction and Waste Industries, I am on a mission to help the environment and use my position to demonstrate that women can be powerful agents of change!  Imvelo’s beautiful colourful logo and name (the Zulu word for the environment) speaks to the power of positive action for a sustainable future.