Guerrilla Stakeholders – Environment & Pollution

How do cities protect against damage to wildlife and nature? Is demolition polluting? How will we grow and transport enough food as the population increases? What behavioural norms did the Industrial Revolution establish that pollute our environment? Did you know that pollution can occur in air, water, soil, noise and light? How do cities manage waste and recycling?


Our expert voices cover a wide range of topics and perspectives, including:

  • Wildlife extinction, and consequences for humanity
  • Responsible demolition
  • Agriculture and farming in increasingly urbanised environments
  • Sustainable building materials
  • The environmental impact of construction sites
  • Industrial Revolution norms
  • Types of pollution, including air, water, noise, soil, and light
  • Waste management and recycling



We have mapped these topics to create lesson plans for:

  • History
  • Sociology
  • Politics
  • PSHE
  • Music
  • Chemistry
  • Biology

Watch some of the videos on our Environment & Pollution YouTube channel: