Guerrilla Stakeholders – City Finances

How are cities and regeneration funded? Do cities make money from tourism and events? How are local taxes worked out? How much money is spent on public services? Why do cities attract investment? Who looks after heritage sites and buildings?


Our expert voices cover a wide range of topics and perspectives, including:

  • Heritage maintenance and upkeep
  • Tourism and events, including safe crowd  management
  • Civic voice in regeneration, and the importance of stakeholders consultations with varied voices
  • Outside investors
  • Local development plans
  • The facilities, public spaces, and leisure activities in cities
  • Redeveloping high streets
  • Policing and public services, including justice and punishment



We have mapped these topics to create lesson plans for:

  • History
  • Politics
  • Economics
  • English Language
  • Sociology
  • PSHE

Watch some of the videos on our City Finances YouTube channel: