About Us

BESS is a UK-wide, 10-year project using the real, physical, tangible Built Environment (in real and virtual form) to demonstrate the sector to young people and address the urgent skills gap in construction. The intention is to ‘Make it Real’, because the built environment touches all our working, social and homes lives every day in a very tangible and visible way.

This interactive project uses the live canvas of the Built Environment, and all schools and further education institutions are invited to participate, as are all construction businesses and supporting organisations. The project is actively promoted to residents and communities.

Live projects include site visits, planning discussions, consultations, design meetings, community engagement, asset register collation, 3D augmentation development, helping to remove some preconceptions of ‘dirty’, unskilled work by demonstrating breadth. This will work towards an improved image of the industry, and increased capability in the workforce.

The BESS interactive portal is hosted via TheHot500 – www.thehot500.co.uk

Click here to download a copy of the full Built Environment Skills in Schools document Proposal for a Built Environment Programme v3 (requires Adobe Reader)

Built Environment Skills in Schools is intentionally independent of any one commercial business, and neutral regarding specific disciplines of the sector, working completely cross-platform.

Using proven outreach and behaviour change techniques, BESS works across the entire Built Environment spectrum to influence greater interest, ownership and involvement in the sector.

BESS was formed by Kathryn Lennon Johnson in 2014.

To find out more about the BESS programme and the problems we are attempting to solve, please view the attached documents below:

Putting Students in Control of their Career Information

What is the Real Problem within the Skills Shortage

BESS – A Presentation to the Construction Industry Council AGM