Digital Employer Content

As a teacher herself, our founder, Kathryn Lennon Johnson, is very keen to tell everyone with absolute confidence that digital content from employers makes a huge difference to curriculum learning! However, most employers have developed content for their prospects and clients – that’s not what teachers are after.

Creating digital employer content for Open Doors

We work with employers to create short digital content (3 minutes is really the maximum length) that links to the National Curriculum, allowing teachers to bring lessons to life.

Whilst site visits or employer talks are incredibly valuable to schools, digital content can be used at any time, and often more than once.

If you’d like to develop some tailored digital content to link careers to curriculum and help teachers bring lessons to life, please contact us

And, if you’re already inspired, please download the National Curriculum to ensure your digital content for schools helps teachers to deliver their learning targets. You can also help yourself to the handy step-by-step guides below, that will talk you through the process:

How To – Broadcast a Periscope for BESS

How To – Create a Guest Blog for BESS

How To – Create a 90 second Video for BESS

How To – Create a Podcast for BESS