Giving Young People a ‘Shot’ with Slenky

As part of Construction Careers Week, BESS is very proud to be working with Slenky Shots.

Founded in 2012, Slenky is a platform for young people. Their mission is to make it easier for young people to access real life opportunities, by helping them connect with leading brands and organisations.

Slenky is a way for young people to stay in the know about what’s going on around them and to discover all kinds of new opportunities. It’s a place to explore and follow their passions & interests, to share and talk about the things that inspire them.

What is Slenky?

 A mobile platform connecting the passions and aspirations of  young people aged 13-24 and  inspiring them to ‘Take Your Shot’
  • increasing meaningful and track-able engagement between employer’s business/brand and key mobile audiences
  • lowering costs (e.g. marketing) by targeting early and authentic engagement at relevant young audiences
  • increasing the number, length and value of relationships – improving reach, impact, brand performance and  perception
  • socialising and connecting all type of organisation with relevance to the things young people want to connect about – their lives, their passions  – their world

‘Shots’ are priceless communication opportunities; they’re personal and have a lasting impact that generates awareness, affection, loyalty and amplification of brand content.  Businesses create 1000’s of shots every day – every one a potential opportunity to connect a business, brand and  values – Take a Shot!