3 Friends to Make. Right Now!

Enterprise Coordinators. Part of the CEC and responsible for overseeing all the schools in your area.You can search the nearest contacts to you by putting in your postcode here.

They audit the careers activity in all schools and they know which schools need what level of support. They can help find the right opportunities for you.

You could also join the Enterprise Advisor Network as a volunteer from industry to provide strategic support and guidance to a school you are matched with.

Your Chamber of Commerce. Helping out all businesses, and often have a youth network of emerging business stars who are actively supporting schools.

The LEP skills team.Working across business and industry, very aware of critical local trends relating to Labour Market Information and skills development as part of the regional plans for industry and growth.

They will have a good sense of the split of business types in your area, including the largest employers that are likely to offer the most opportunities for young people. CEC top seven employers in each area.