Schools Engagement Transformation Programme

Schools engagement is all about selling. Selling ideas, selling opportunities, selling a vision of the future. And sales is a process. Not following the process makes it hard to build relationships, difficult to evidence impact, and almost impossible to tackle the skills shortage.

It’s not hard to become an influential Careers Ambassador, and it certainly doesn’t take long to achieve. There are just five things that you need to have in place to make the process seamless, replicable and effective:
1.PINPOINT – your ability to get very clear on what you offer to schools, and what sets you apart from other employers and organisations
2.PREPARE – your ability to prepare your people and materials
3.PROVOKE – your ability to spark enthusiasm and begin conversations
4.PROGRESS – your ability to measure and consistently improve your impact, for yourself and for schools
5.PROVE- your ability to collate and share evidence of your engagement

Price £ 3,500.00