Check Your Schools Engagement Score

Give yourself 1 mark for every true statement

Question Score
I have committed to supporting at least one young person with mentoring or work experience during their education
If someone Googled my company, they would quickly find details of our commitment to schools outreach
My business commits a significant % of resources to CSR and outreach
My business makes it easy for me to commit time and effort to outreach
My business understands the financial benefits of supporting and inspiring the next generation
My colleagues invest time and effort into our outreach activity
There is more than one person in my business who is trained and actively involved in outreach
Everyone else in my business understands why we are committed to inspiring the next generation
I invest in ongoing training and development for myself and my team around outreach
When my business looks to take on apprentices, work experience or new starters, we have a good pool of talent to begin our search


Question Score
I deliver outreach support to schools beyond those closest to my office or project site
I have branded presentations and activity sheets for the outreach work I do
I have digital outreach content available online that schools can access
I have several presentations and challenges ready to deliver at short notice
I would feel confident giving a 45-minute outreach presentation two days from now
Teachers can download or access outreach information from my website
When I research and write my school talks, I always focus on more than just my job
The outreach content I use for schools can be delivered equally well in various formats and styles
I have a good understanding of choice overload and I make sure that whatever I present is designed to include simple messages
When I plan my outreach topics, I always build emotion into my content


Question Score
I never find it a struggle to develop strong relationships with schools
I always provide a comprehensive summary of my presentation for teachers
I notice if students are bored or confused by my presentations, and I immediately adapt my content
I often extend and receive opportunities to support other businesses with schools outreach
I would convince a teacher or careers guide to invite me to deliver schools outreach in under 1 minute
I have active referral partnerships in place that send outreach opportunities my way
I regularly talk to other businesses about the importance of schools outreach
 Using my own network of construction colleagues, I have delivered joint presentations or activities to schools
I actively refer schools to other appropriate employers who can deliver outreach support
When I deliver outreach support to schools, I inform and represent my professional or trade body


Question Score
I never worry that I am carrying a huge amount of outreach responsibility, with little support from other employers or colleagues
After each outreach activity, I review and make notes for improvement
I use social media effectively to share and promote outreach experiences and opportunities
My peers respect me for my work inspiring the next generation
I give talks, training, presentations, speeches about my outreach experiences to other construction employers
I have positive case studies and testimonials from schools I’ve supported
I have shared my tips and successes with other employers so they can learn from me
I have written or contributed to academic research relating to the skills gap in construction
I have prepared a compelling response when people ask why I bother with schools outreach
I write or blog about my outreach activity at least once a month
My business has won a respected award for our commitment to outreach