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Our services

Virtual Work Experience

Let 3.4million students experience the challenges and problems you solve. No one else can tell your story, and now you can tell it in 4,000 senior schools across the UK without leaving your desk.

Youth Activism

Young people have a lot to say about the buildings, places and spaces that will shape their future as homeowners, taxpayers, commuters and parents. All you have to do is ask them.

Apprentice Support

Off-the-job learning takes many forms, but quality support and guidance can mean the difference between a dynamic, forward-looking industry, or one that’s stuck firmly in the outdated past.

Engagement Accelerator

Is schools engagement a bit slower or tougher than you expected? Never fear, the Schools Engagement Scorecard and the Engagament Accelerator programme will have you dazzling students in no time.

Consultancy Services

Rule 1 in changing perceptions of construction: stop boring the children. Rule 2: tell memorable stories. Rule 3: measure your impact and adapt wherever you need to. Need a hand?

Workshops and Courses

Individuals or teams. Face-to-face or online. Indepth CPD or a short, sharp refresher. Whatever you’re looking to learn about growing your influence and changing perceptions, we’ve got you covered.